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Ativanrxmedical.com will directly manage and control all the links that are provided on the site. The website links include both internal and external. The products that we sell through our online portal are subject to the government laws ruling all the sale process. You must require to read the complete information given on this page before proceeding to access of our site. When you read this page completely, then you visit our privacy policy and disclaimer page of this website so that you can able to know the complete details about our online pharmacy. The details which we have given in the page can be changed or updated at any time and we do notify these changes anywhere on this site so you have to check our terms and conditions page frequently. Accessing this site regularly, you are agreed to our changes that have been made on this website.

Rights Ownership

Using the text or content from this website, or sharing the details or save the documents for non-personal use, are strictly not permitted to make use of this website and such people will be responsible to manage the legal problem. Suppose if you require to make use of our website content for a non-commercial purpose, then you just need to get an approval from Ativanrxmedical.com. The details and other texts, contents, and links that are published on this site are copyrighted based on the varied intellectual property rights.

Accuracy of Data

Ativanrxmedical.com have taken so many efforts on providing accuracy of information to all site visitors. Before uploading the content on the website, our team reviews the accuracy of data. We would take a proper care to make sure that the costs and information related to the other products. Even we would put an effort on uploading the product image in its right composition.

Prescription Required

Buyers should submit the valid medical prescription that is to be procured from the licensed physician. Ativanrxmedical.com will process the order only when the customers produce the prescription during the time of purchase. We made this step mandatory because all of our medicinal products are belongs to the category of prescription-only drug. By that, we would ask the customers to upload the prescription when they come up for drug purchase with us.

Authorization of Third Party

We do not authorize the medicine from the third party portals. In addition, details on this site have not been possessed by the third parties anyway.

Acceptance of Agreement

This terms and condition constitute the agreement between you and Ativanrxmedical.com(a whole team of this online pharmacy). This contract might be correct at any time by our team without any prior notice. By making use of this website, you tend to accept our agreement. In case if you misuse our website content or any of our services illegally, then you will be punishable according to this agreement.

Pharmaceutical Details

The details provided on this site is not engaged to identify the problem of any medical conditions. Ativanrxmedical.com presented this information only for the knowledge and reference purpose. Kindly contact your healthcare professional for any particular medical queries.