Payback Policy

The payback policy of Ativan online pharmacy focuses on the consumer’s satisfaction and benefit. The strictly follows the federal law in all of its operations.

As we operate to the consumer in different parts of the world, we have to indulge in a tedious transportation process. The order parcel will be stationed in airplane cargos or even trucks according to the distance and mode of transportation available to reach the consumer. Sometimes it would’ve undergone different levels of transit; as a result of this, the tablet might get damaged slightly.

We assure that such accidents are extremely rare; henceforth you need not be worried at all. If you have noticed any damage be it at any intensity, we ensure that the right action will be taken and you will be compensating from our side.

We have consumer friendly refund policies to ensure that you won’t get stress from buying Ativan from our Ativan online pharmacy.

As we have already said we follow Federal laws and as per those laws, we have to take the complete burden for any damage that occurred to the medicine during the transit.

If you have received any damaged Ativan package, and once that information has reached us. Within no time we will reship the medication and we don’t charge a penny for shipment. You would receive the product at total free of cost.

Consumers must note that we will refund the money only when we are unable to dispatch the product to your location.

Those who want to know in detail about how can be eligible for refunds and returns criteria can follow the passage below.

We would refund and return the goods only in the following circumstances:

  • Damages which is happened once the Ativan package is delivered will be considered for neither refund nor return policies.
  • The damages, whether minor or major which occur during the transit will only be considered.
  • Any complaints that are given to our customer care professionals within 7 days of the delivery will only be accepted. Complaints which are placed after seven days will not be considered.
  • If the medicines seem to be expired, the consumer will be given both the options of refund and return, he can choose the most convenient one.
  • Consumers who had voluntarily halted taken medicines for their reasons will not be eligible for the refund policy. The complaints on such issues are completely unacceptable.
  • Consumers are requested to thoroughly check the description of the medication that is clearly available on our website before placing the order. In case you had misread the name of the product and you found it only after the delivery cannot be considered for returns or refund policy.
  • If the medicines have damaged by mistake by yourself or your family will not be considered for a refund. If you want to place the order again, you have to bear all the charges, you will not be given any exemptions.