Our Payment Methods

The Ativan online pharmacy offers several user-friendly payment options. As we operate to millions of consumers all over the world, it is our responsibility to provide favorable options.

Though we do not offer some payment facilities like Echeck, Debit Card and Credit Card, we assure that we are on route to associate with them.

Consumers can get various payment methods; they can choose their most feasible and convenient one for that lot. The following are the different payment options that are available with us:

Cash on Delivery: As the name itself suggests here in this method, the consumers will be allowed to pay the cash while courier reaches their doorstep. We would also like our consumers to know this option is not available for all the consumers. The consumers would reside near our working place will only be considered for this option. Please make sure that consumers who choose this option must pay only in cash, but not in any other mode including credit card and debit card.

Amazon Pay: It is quite a simple method; after choosing this option, initially you’d be asked to give your wallet details once you’re done with that, consumers will be redirected to a secured web page where they must give the necessary credentials to process the payment. The details include wallet username and password only. We also assure that this data will not be shared with any third party. As we follow the Federal Laws, our every move will be ethical and consumer friendly.

Bitcoin Payment: It is an electronic version of regular currency methods which is used for the new technology called blockchain technology. The consumer would be asked to give an authorization to procced. If it is a recurring payment, the recurring schedule has to be submitted. The consumer will receive the payment confirmation after the funds are transferred.

The above options cannot be processed if you give wrong details. The consumers are requested to enter correct details regarding their card. The same applies to any other money transfer method.

The consumers who have queries with any of these options can contact our support team representatives; they will give you necessary explanation with patience and politeness.

We believe that our consumers are comfortable using these methods. We also request you to log out once the purchase has been made to avoid malicious issues like hacking, data theft etc.

If you have doubts regarding the safety of your bank details, we request you to contact our support team and they would guide you with the necessary safety precautions you have to follow.

We promise that those instructions are not complicated and they can be adapted by you without any strain. We are making sure that only two payment options are available with us as of now, which are: AMAZON PAY AND BITCOIN. The rest will update as soon as possible.

We assure that our options are easy and secured. Learning about the above payment options would make your purchase simple and quick.