If you have made up your mind to buy Ativan online, it is important that you make yourself familiar with the process associated with it so that you could get your drug delivered to your home seamlessly. Before you proceed with the process, it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire form, which has been designed to serve your best interests.

Generic Ativan

In the form, you will find spaces where you will have to mention your age, height, weight, illness, the medication or drugs you had been consuming already and other important aspects of medical history. In case you have a doctor’s prescription with you for Ativan, it is advised that you attach it along with the form. This information is directed towards the assessment of your condition by our pharmacists to make sure that there is a low risk of side effects if Ativan is administered as a medication for your treatment procedure.

Once you are done with that form page, you will have to check-out from a page, which requests you to present your phone number with us for any inquiries. You are asked to leave your number with us only if the need arises for us to make a call. We would mostly give you a call if you haven’t attached any prescription or if the form is filled with incomplete information.

You are always welcome to have a consultation with our pharmacists who will be available 24 hours a day through telephone, live chat, and E-mail. Our pharmacists can guide you on the dosage and other precautions so that you could consume Ativan in a proper way for increased efficiency. Your safety is always in our mind and hence, it is for sure that you would get benefitted from this consultation.

For the delivery of generic Ativan to your place, the time limits and cost for your delivery depending on the delivery category you choose.

For example, the regular mail delivery could cost you $ 20, while you can start with your treatment course 15 days after placing the order with us. Whereas, the express mail delivery could bill you an amount of  $35, with the product arriving 10 days after the purchase of Ativan pills from us. Your generic Ativan will be dispatched to the mail service once we receive your payment for the order.

The price of Ativan usually depends on the number of tablets contained in each package.

There are packages available with 60, 90 and 120 tablets in them, placed at respective prices of $100, $150 and $210. With larger packs of 120 tablets, each Ativan pill costs up to $1.75, making it the best deal for you, where you could save more money.

Our online dispensary assures you that the medication Ativan we sell is of high quality and original by all means. All Ativan preparations and remedies sold at our online store have undergone and passed all necessary clinical trials with the required quality certificates.

We promise to comply with the anonymity and the confidentiality of your order during the time of purchase.