Queries Related To Ativan Prescription

What type of medical Rx do you receive from us?

We accept the prescriptions that are procured from the traditional way of doctor consultation and online generated. Anyway, we would check the legitimacy of the medical prescription prior to offering Ativan medication.

Do you provide online doctor consultation?

Currently, we do not offer this option to anyone. But we are planning to bring out internet consultation service in order to favor the patients to obtain the prescription and definitely we will introduce this service in the future. As of now, we guide the patients to visit various online places that offer doctor consultation service at free of cost.

Is it possible to buy Ativan from offline pharmacies by using internet prescription?

Yes, you can able to buy the hair loss medication with internet Rx because that one is provided by the licensed physician.

How much does internet Rx cost?

It completely depends on the place you select to hold the doctor consultation with them. Few of the legitimate portals provide the service without charging any amount while some other portals would charge nominal price. However, the price of online prescription is comparatively low with the conventional method.

In what ways I have to be prepared for internet doctor consultation?

The thing you have to do is that you must require to keep up your previous and current medical certificates. Make sure that you should have a high internet connection and best platform for video calling before starting with the doctor consultation.

Is online prescription considered to be legal?

This is also based on the portal you have chosen to obtain the prescription. When you choose the legitimate online pharmacy, the physicians would be licensed and verified by the government authorities. Getting prescription from such a licensed doctor is 100% legal

Is it necessary to buy Ativan from the same portal from where I procure the Rx?

Need not. Although, this would differ from place to place.

Queries About Our Services

What are the advantages of buying Ativan from your place?

As said previous, you receive real Ativan pills at an affordable price. Apart from these, we would offer different payment and delivery options, free prescription, exceptional customer service, refunds, rebates, FDA-approved Ativan medication, varied doses of the brand and generic versions and discreet packaging.

When will you deliver my Ativan order package?

It would take up 10 working days to deliver the package to your location. This delivery date is given in the case of normal shipping.

Do you have the option of COD?

Yes, we would offer the facilities of COD. You can pay the amount by cash when parcel gets delivered at your doorstep.

Where you import the medication?

We refilled our stock every day from the leading wholesale manufacturer of Ativan. Our wholesaler resides in the United States.

Will you provide a refund in case of failure of delivery?

For returns and refunds, you can visit our Shipping Policy and Refund Policy of our web page. There you can get an appropriate answer for your query.