Ativian Dosage

Amongst the most regularly recommended drug for nervous and anxiety issues is Ativan, which has a generic name Alprazolam. It helps to tranquilize the central nervous system.

The Ativan Dosage prescribed by the doctor is stringently based on each occurrence and is influenced a lot by the characteristics of the patient. Those key factors are patient’s age, earlier health records, existing medications etc. It is of utmost priority that you strictly stick on to the guideline provided by the doctor, or else the aftermath of the medicines may turn to be very deadly.

Ativan is a proficient drug for treating panic and anxiety issues. Usually, the drug is prescribed by a doctor to be taken three tablets of 0.5 mg each day. You need not take all three together, instead split it up and take each during the day, afternoon and at night. It is up to the sole discretion of the doctor to decide whether the drug dosage has to be increased or not. None better than an experienced doctor can prescribe the right dosage for the patient.

Due to the fact that the elderly people suffer from various other diseases, the dosage for them will be completely different. They are asked to have only 0.25 mg and that too only twice a day.

Doctors recommend high dosages of Ativan to the patients suffering from panic disorders when compared to those with anxiety disorders. There is lot of risk involved in all this, thus doctors must be cautious to start with small dosages. And after monitoring the patient’s changes and feels it acceptable, then can proceed for gradual increment in the dosages.

All the patients must understand the serious risks involved with the use of the drug. Ample time must be provided for the body to get used to the drug. In any case, the maximum dosage at a particular time should not be more than 4 mg and this has to be approved by the concerned doctor.