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Take Ativan as it has been prescribed for you by the doctor. This medication must not be taken in large amounts without the guidance of a doctor, for it can lead to severe consequences.

Please stay on course with the prescription label provided by your health care professional. There are certain tips and guidelines for the safe consumption of this medicine.

Please make sure that you follow those rules and also contact your doctor or pharmacist for all your doubts about the usage of Ativan.

How to take Ativan Pills?

Ativan needs to be used when you have enough time to sleep before being active the next day. This is because of the reason that it is grouped under benzodiazepines and it can cause sedation. So it is advised that you do not take part in driving and other hazardous activities after the consumption of Ativan. Make sure that you give your body up to 8 hours of rest and sleep when you take this drug.

It can be taken or swallowed with a glass of water. Also, can be consumed with food or without food based on your preference. But please note that this medication is only for short term treatment. In case you don’t experience any relief from anxiety after consuming Ativan or if the results aren’t satisfactory after taking the medication for 10 to 15 days, then please contact your doctor or talk to a health expert to break down the condition. Also, please do not carry on with it after three to four months without the proper guidance of a doctor or a health expert.

Associated Dangers of Ativan Prescription

Ativan should not be stopped all of a sudden after taking it for some days since there could be withdrawal symptoms if done so. Please do not stop using it without discussing the same with your doctor. On consultation with a doctor, the doctor might suggest you certain ways and you could also ask for a gradual decrease in the dosage in order to get rid of Ativan without any withdrawal effects.

Ativan can cause withdrawal symptoms such as increased heartbeat rate, headache, sleeping difficulties, shaking, difficulties to concentrate, confusion, nausea, fatigue, weight loss, mood swings, irritation, and even seizures in some cases. You can even have sudden anxiety episodes when you stop using the medication all of a sudden. The anxiety you experience as a withdrawal symptom might even be harsh than the ones you used to experience prior to using Ativan medication. When you encounter these conditions, it is time that you consult your doctor and explains the symptoms briefly for effective assistance.

Precaution to be considered

Also, make sure that you take this drug in divided doses as prescribed by the doctor. The doses might differ for various anxiety conditions and it is best you communicate with a doctor for clarifications on the same. This medication should be stored in a tightly-closed container or jar at room temperature.