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Ativan Precautions

Given the fact that generic Ativan treats anxiety disorders, stress, depression and other signs of anxiety-related conditions, it must be administered with the proper assessment of the patient condition for effective treatment of the same. If the short term treatment, this medicine does not work even after two to three months, then a medical illness or a psychiatric condition is very much evident.

For the elderlies, it needs to be administered with care since higher doses could cause serious side effects. Also, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding women must consult a doctor before taking Lorazepam since the medication could be passed on to the newborn baby or unborn baby through breast milk. The patients suffering from breathing difficulties, liver issues and kidney failure must take this medication or use it only after a thorough assessment by the doctor on the medical conditions.

It is to be noted that Ativan is not a medication designed to treat psychotic patients. The drug might not be effective in people suffering from non-pathological anxiety, personality disorders, and obsessive-compulsive traits. Using it for these conditions might lead to suicidal thoughts and other unfavorable conditions.

A variety of irregularities have been found like aggressiveness and these traits can be linked to the consumption of Ativan with alcohol or other CNS depressants. It might not be very clear as to why the sign of behavioral alterations arises, but it could be due to the drug itself, alcohol, or an underlying psychotic illness. However, in case of any new signs of behavioral changes need to be consulted with a doctor, examined, and then evaluated for immediate action. It is always better to get Ativan prescription from a healthcare professional and follow the guidelines can reduce the symptoms of Ativan side effects.