Autopsy says that Ativan is not the reason for Sound garden’s Chris Cornell

Ativan and Chris Cornell DeathChris Cornell, a pop musician who was found dead last year. He was recovered from addiction and abuse of drugs once. Initially, the reason for his death was unknown and the speculations had started in the media and the public that the cause of death could be a potential drug overdose, which unfortunately is the reason for death for many pop musicians and rock stars. Chris Cornell found to be taken Ativan for so long, he was then under the medication to overcome his anxiety disorders. You can get it from any local or Online Ativan Store and  Ativan helps the individual in controlling the excessive activity of neurons which generally lead to anxiety and stress disorders.

Toxicology reports specify that there is a possibility Chris Cornell had taken several drugs on the day he died and he said to his wife that he would have taken two or more than two Ativan pills on that day.

The entire burden was shifted to Ativan as it is the fifth most popular drug that is prescribed by the psychiatrists according to the survey conducted in 2011.

Is Ativan the reason behind Chris Cornell’s death? The autopsy reports reveal the truth. If we actually get into the detail the reason for his death was found to be Suicide by hanging but not drug overdose nor any other reason.

What is there in the autopsy report?

  • A medical examiner who was present in the scene stated he had injuries which occurred due to hanging and he was found using a suspension exercise band.
  • A report released by the toxicology team says that there were several drugs were found in the body of Cornell as reported by the autopsy team, namely seven which include: naloxone,caffeine,pseudoephedrine, norpseudoephedrine, Ativan, etc.
  • The caffeine was found to be come from No-Doz Tablets consumed before the death. These tablets are taken for nostril issues and sinus problems.
  • He would’ve possibly consumed pseudoephedrine as a decongestant for stuffy nose problem.
  • It was found that Cornell would’ve taken four dozes of Anxiety medicine Ativan / Ambien also known as lorazepam.
  • Though the drugs happen to be in his system, it was found the cause of death was by ‘Hanging’.

What did Cornell family thought about Ativan?

  • Cornell’s family members felt that his suicidal thoughts were reaction from the Ativan pills he was consuming to fight anxiety disorders. His wife Vicki said that she spoken with Cornell and he told her that he would take an extra Ativan that day.
  • A pharmacy professor from United States Daryl Davies have stated that it might be the strange mixture of downers and uppers.
  • However, the statement lost strength when the doctors found his death happened due to hanging.


To be precise, just following the autopsy report and doctor’s opinion would clear all the speculation as it says that Sound garden’s Chris Cornell’s death caused due to hanging but not Ativan or any other drugs for that matter.

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