Anxiety Five Reasons

There are 5 general reasons for anxiety attacks. We would have all felt anxiety at a certain point in somewhere in our life journey.

Some persons had a smaller level of attacks of anxiety. While some others have a history a never-ending crippling emotions and physical symptoms which stops them from living a satisfied life. It is difficult to predict who has severe anxiety attacks and panic issues.

Here are 5 solid reasons why anxiety occurs and attacks specific people and leaving the whole others.

Genetic Lineage (maybe just a belief)

When an individual asks for anxiety treatment, it is a common thing you can find those other persons of the same family would have anxiety in past years. Having a relative, brother/sister, parents with anxiety cannot be interpreted as a reason for anxiety present in you.

Anxiety attacks may look like occurring in particular families more than others. But it is more due to the result of the family environment, beliefs, self-concepts, realizations, and learnings. While there might be little or some genetic influence for the cause of anxiety but the belief is not helpful or acceptable that genetics is the reason for mental illnesses inherited to people. To achieve the ability to learn, change our mindset and grow out of it will be the one helpful belief than others.

Excessive Long Term Stress

An anxiety attack can be caused by fears mostly unexplainable and worries which happen in routine life. Some of our days are bad and stressful than other usual days.  Some fears are made up & imagination and few others are for real.

Prolonged stress at severe levels can cause physical and mental responses in the body which are unusual. At this stage, you need to take a break.

Some people can cope with stress at workplaces, overcome the pressure successfully but some other people get affected in a worse way due to extreme stress. They got up themselves in physical fights, harsh behavior, arguments, inferiority complex, avoiding things, negative talk and delusions of grandeur.

Post Traumatic Stress

PTSD is abbreviated as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is a form of anxiety. It happens after facing a tragic situation or major life incident. It happens for some people in situations include life-threatening risks, the suicide of their lover, someone who met a major accident or being a victim of crime. The anxiety attacks instantly after such event or it continuously attacks and exists for an unknown amount of time after that event.

The patient might have facing bad dreams, hallucinations, flashbacks, trouble in concentration etc. Other notable symptoms for PTSD attack are the denial of things.

Environmental Triggers

Some patients feel anxiety when they face the triggering things present in their natural surroundings. For example, an individual will get an anxiety attack when they need to communicate before the group, while other cases include severe anxiety attacks in facing the darkness in outdoors.

Everybody has fear and discomfort of something or some situation, but the anxiety patients will get it at peak level whenever they come across certain triggering environments and surroundings.

Vitamin B Deficiency

Anxiety attacks can happen in the human body which lacks vitamin B or when it gets low in concentration. Majority of people are having other responses for the cause of anxiety, this is also an important reason to be considered.  In case if you have not faced any tragic event or extreme stress and for your sudden anxiety, this could be a reason.

Any vitamin supplement from the local store may be required to cure the deficiency and to overcome this type of anxiety. It is not always simpler to find chemical reasons and treating it. It is recommended to see your doctor for a checkup and also to figure out this deficiency for treatment before you sought self-help.

It is completely possible to feela extreme anxiety for no proper reason. Hence we cannot predict this one might be the reason behind anxiety when all other reasons are not matched.  You may be having anxiety because….

Several millions of people have the same qualifications but they seldom felt an anxiety attack and also few people who would not fit among these reasons also faced anxiety troubles. There is no common global cause but the majority of the anxiety attacks will get related to one or more from this list.