Anti Anxiety Experts

The drugs which are taken for anxiety can provide a temporal relief from your issues and troubles. Many people feel anxiety is just a short time condition and they can deal with it. The medicines used for it are not a complete cure. However, when anxiety increases, sometimes stronger tablets are prescribed for it.

If your physician writes a prescription for anxiety treatment, there are few things you better be aware of. Below are some of the important things about anxiety medicines which most doctors would not be shared with you.

Tranquilizers or Benzodiazepines

Tranquilizers or Benzodiazepines are the first type of anxiety medicines among the prescribed ones by experts. Ativan, Klonopin, Valium are some of the brand names of them in the market. These tablets work in a rapid manner and provide quick relief to persons who consumed it.

As we know one thing may lead to other, There are some unwelcoming side effects occurs which individuals may not aware of it before taking them.

Benzodiazepines may cause

  • Overfatigue
  • Slower reflexes & movement
  • Drowsy & giddiness
  • Digestion problems
  • Slight depression and eye problems
  • Symptoms of dementia
  • Trouble speech and judgment issues
  • Thinking impairment

In some cases, the side effects happened are more severe than the main anxiety problem. Tranquilizers sometimes caused adverse reactions such as higher pressure, rage, hallucinations, aggression, and manias.

These kinds of medicines are addictive in nature.

Anti Depressants

For anxiety, these are antidepressants are also present among prescribed medicines. Celexa, Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil, and Prozac are the commercial brand names for them. Consuming these medications may cause nervousness which is not going to put an end for your anxiety. Also other problems such as insomnia, obesity, headaches, digestion troubles and sexual dysfunction too.

The most horrible problem in this method is the risk of committing suicide increases. They are pushing the individual more into depression mood and anxiety instead of relieving the person from it.  There are some new anxiety medications are prescribed and  Buspirone or BuSpar is just one among them.

Buspirone is kinda of moderate tranquilizer. It is working to increase the production levels of serotonin present in our brain. You can ask me what makes it so different from other drugs. The thing is Buspar is a slower one. Other medicines work much faster but Buspar is not fast action medicine and it takes its own time to prove its effectiveness in the body.

Best thing to say about this medicine which is not addictive in nature but also it has some minor setbacks similar to other drugs. Buspar side effects include digestion problem which you need to be kept in your mind since it’s more than the other counterparts. Other effects such as headaches, fatigue, dry mouth & dizziness included.

Beta Blockers

Mostly these beta blockers are written a prescription for cardiac diseases and hypertension. Also, they are given as treatment for anxiety too. Inderal and Tenormin are some of the commercial brands. They actually stop the production of a hormone called norepinephrine which is the reason for stress and the reported side effect of this medicine is calmness in nerves. This medication mainly works in reducing the rate of heartbeat and also to suppress the effects caused by higher blood pressure.

Consumption of these drugs would help to relieve from anxiety caused by fear and other phobias. It suppresses the higher pressure and produces calmness in nerves which occur as side effects. Other effects include fatigue, slow pulse rate, dizziness and digestion problems are included. Pregnant ladies and senior citizens are having a greater risk of the usage of anti-anxiety drugs and also chances of abuse are high.

Try Alternatives First

These medications have higher risks so you need to have alternative options in hand. You should prefer those alternatives first before coming straight away to use these anti-anxiety drugs.

Introducing changes in lifestyle, work methods, slowing down, having good food and being active are some of the ways to cope with and reduce stress in our human body.