Majority of the people are aware that generic variant of Ativan is less pricey compared to its brand one. Ativan is a long-established medication that is acknowledged for the effectiveness it provides in human beings who are suffering from anxiety disorder or other similar ailments. As the price difference between generic and brand Ativan is huge, it often creates turmoil among the patients who are in need of this medication for treating their medical ailment. This is a blog which helps you to understand about why there is huge difference in pricing, quality of both variants and much more.

Market price of brand and generic Ativan

  • Walmart sells generic Ativan with the dosage strength of 1mg at the price of 8.66 $ for 60 pills along with the free discount coupons.
  • Kroger pharmacies are known to sell 60 pills of Ativan 1 mg in generic form at the rate of 9.20 $ and with regards to brand formulation of Ativan they sell at the price range of $ 1,630.34.
  • Sams club retails generic Ativan at the rate of 8.66 $ for 60 pills with the dosage strength of 1 mg.
  • Target (CVS) sells generic Ativan with 1mg at the rate of $ 9.55 whereas it sells brand variant of Ativan at the rate of $ 1,617.53.
  • Generic variant of Ativan is available in Walgreens at the rate of $ 10.13 and brand variant of Ativan is sold in the price of $ 1,689.21.
  • Lorazepam is sold at the rate of $ 10.44 in Kmart whereas the brand Ativan is sold at the rate of $ 1,689.21.
  • Safeway sells lorazepam in the range of $ 10.65 and sells Ativan in brand variant at the price of $ 1,719.14.
  • Publix offers generic Ativan with the price of $ 10.67.
  • Health warehouse gives Ativan generic to its customers with the price of $ 16.80.
  • CVS pharmacy sells generic formulation of Ativan with the price of $18.99 and $1,652.71 for brand Ativan drugs.
  • If you want to buy generic Ativan at the price of 28.18 $ Rite-Aid can be chosen and they also sell brand Ativan at the rate of $1,659.15.

There are many pharmacies which sells brand or generic Ativan medication apart from the above listed companies.

Why there is huge difference in Ativan pricing?
Manufacturers of brand Ativan need to invest on research, production and marketing. This would require up to millions of dollars for the company initially. To recover the amount spent on research along with the advantage of patent protection, brand Ativan is sold at a premium price. When it comes to generic pills, they need not invest in marketing and research and they have only manufacturing costs involved. This is the reason why generic Ativan can be made available in much lower price and it is nothing to be linked with the quality. So, chose either brand or generic formulation of Ativan medication from the best pharmacies to commence your treatment.