Ativan is a medicine that is being used by a large number of people for treating anxiety disorders. Many physicians prescribe Ativan to patients to help them get relieved of the anxiety disorders. Some proclaim Ativan to be very useful whilst others claim the drug to be of no benefit to them. If you want to know about the user reviews of Ativan, do read this article to understand about the drug and its usage among people in detail.

Canadian user Liza says “buying Ativan is one of the best decisions of my life”

Ativan aided me during times of distress says Liza. “It is one such medicine that I can rely upon when I encounter heavy anxiety and panic attacks. I was able to relieve my heaviness due to anxiousness and get rid of my anxiety attacks in a very quick time span after getting Ativan prescribed. Upon consuming the pill it suppressed my feelings of nervousness and anxiety and gave a soothing effect. The medication also has a sedative effect that not only worked towards calming down my nerves but also let me take a short nap allowing me to let go of my depression symptoms and anxiety attacks. Buying Ativan is one of the best decisions of my life.

Mr Warner from US says “shifting from Ativan to Lorazepam helped me reduce my medication costs”
Says anxiety affected patient, Mr. Warner.

I initially took Ativan as it was prescribed by my doctor. I continued the course of Ativan medication for a quite a while now and I was gradually doing well over the course of time. At one point in life, I was landed in a situation where I could no more afford for the Ativan medication due to its overwhelming price. Though Ativan is not so much costly as I said but it is required for me despite my financial issues. That is when I came to know about the generic version Lorazepam being available. Until now, I wasn’t aware that Ativan does come even in the generic. I happened to discuss the increased cost of Ativan to my doctor and that I was no more able to bear the expense to buy the pills. For that my doctor suggested me the generic equivalent of the brand Ativan which contains Lorazepam. Lorazepam was bioequivalent to Ativan except for the fact that it was being prepared by manufacturers different from those who make Ativan. Shifting from Ativan to Lorazepam helped me reduce my medication costs, now relieved of the expenses towards my anxiety medical treatment due to the lower priced generic Ativan pills. Thanks to Lorazepam, its efficacy and price ratio is profound.

Mr Kevin brand from Mexico says “Ativan helped me lower my anxiety levels”

For years I had to struggle with my anxiousness. As I was depressed most of the time, my anxiety levels increased substantially that made me worry more. After getting Ativan prescribed, I started taking Ativan on a daily basis. The medication indeed was a huge boon to me as it helped me take control of my anxiety levels and induced feelings of quietness and peace. Now, whenever I get attacked by anxiety, I pop in one Ativan pill and efficiently manage myself thus conquering anxiety disorder.